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work in progress work in progress work in progress work in progress

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Having made it to the end of the inaugural year of MICA’s MASD program, I am excited to move back to Brooklyn, NY and reconnect with friends and opportunities in the city. I’ll be ending this blog and starting a new one for current work, while keeping the same portfolio site:

The blog for my thesis document remains the same, as does the blog for the Family Portrait photo shoot held in the Fall:

And I will continue refining and completing the time-lapse video documentation of the large-scale demolition occurring in East Baltimore, near MICA PLACE. Temporarily, I have uploaded these sample videos, still in progress:

full version:
short version:

Wishing you all the best!

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testing the time-lapse camera

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Ryan vs. Julie in MASD ping pong match and Graphic Design meet and greet

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testing the time-lapse camera in studio

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